How did Big Bed Bumper start?

The Big Bed Bumper Story...

Two NZ Mums offer an alternative to the traditional child bed rail
or bed guard...

Is it time for your child to move in to a “big bed?”
Are you worried about your child falling out of bed at night?

One night your 20 month old decides to climb out of their cot and you know the time has come when you can no longer hold off from putting them into a “big bed”...

Your child’s next bed might be their cot with one side taken off, a cot bed, a single bed or a bunk bed - whatever it is ,once your child moves in to it there is always the possibility that they can and will fall out of bed in the night.
My first son was 23 months old when I succumbed to a “big bed.” I very quickly realised he was a “wriggler” and he fell out of his bed on a number of occasions. This lead too many disturbed nights sleep for him and me. On one occasion I did not hear him fall and he lay on the floor in the cold all night, which made me feel very bad!
I started looking around for a bed rail to stop him falling out of bed, but they were all so ugly and looked like they would not be very secure. I had even heard that some children get trapped down the side of them. After some searching I discovered a product that would solve this problem – it was a long firm foam wedge that you placed under the fitted sheet on the bed and it essentially “stuck” to the mattress. It was so simple to fit, no screws, clamps, poles or hard edges – I just placed it on the unmade bed and remade it, pulling the fitted sheet over it. Hey Presto ! A bed bumper that was so soft that if my child rolled up against it he would not wake up and best of all it would stop him falling out of bed.
He got into his bed that night and I was able to lean across and read him his story – it didn’t even get in the way of bed time stories! We all slept well, no bumps in the night and he never fell out of bed again. It was so lightweight I could even fold it up and take it on holiday with us – result was no falling out of bed on holiday either.

It worked so well for him that I am also currently using one for my second son - with the same success.

A friend was recently going through the dilemma about moving her daughter into a bed and was worried about her child falling out (she is also a wriggler!) She had been shopping around trying to find an alternative to the traditional bed rail, with no success.

I showed her my bumper and she thought it was such a great idea and she also now uses one – the same success for her daughter!

If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional bed rails/guards - Big Bed Bumper is the one for you. It is 100% safe, 100% simple and 100% NZ. It is a safer, less expensive and a more attractive alternative to the traditional bed guard/rail.

Big Bed Bumper = a good night’s sleep for all of the family!